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A Special Annoucement

Dear faithful friends of Joan Chittister and Benetvision,

We have some exciting news for you—and for the future—as we begin to insure that Sister Joan’s teachings will continue to be easily accessible to seekers around the world. As you know, over the past year we have been redesigning and enhancing the website. Part of that redesign has meant moving The Monastic Way to and making it a free publication, available to everyone online. We’ve also added discussion forums and study guides for Sister Joan’s many books.

Our next step in this redesign process is simplifying our online store, modernizing it in a way that will make it easier and more efficient for people to order copies of Sister Joan’s works.

Why are we making this change?

We know that people want to find what they need quickly, with less clicking through page after page. Additionally, the software we have been using for sales over the last decade is becoming obsolete.

Here’s exactly what we are doing, and what it means for you:

  • Beginning on January 4, we are closing the Benetvision online store. We had intended to wait until June, but changes in our staffing and in our software meant we have to shift course earlier. If you wish to buy anything through the current store before it closes, place your order by January 2.
  • Between January and June we will be adding e-commerce to This means you will no longer be redirected to a different website,, when it’s time to place your orders.
  • By June, Sister Joan’s newest books will be available for sale on her site as they come out. Instead of having to scroll through Sister Joan’s extensive catalog of works, you will quickly find just her newest titles through our site.
  • As long as you receive Vision and Viewpoint (sign up here) you will always know what is new and available. We will offer periodic big-discount flash sales on our current inventory throughout this coming year. Watch your email!
  • All of Sister Joan’s books will continue to be listed on, along with information about where they can be purchased. You will find links to buy the books through the publishers, your local bookstores, and of course, the big online retailers including Amazon. If you can afford to pay the publisher's price, please consider supporting them.
  • This change will not affect any of the e-books by Sister Joan, accessible here, which are for sale through the Kindle store.  
  • Be sure to visit regularly, as we will be adding not only books but content from her massive archive including articles, interviews, audio, and video.
  • This year’s Lenten publication, “Lenten Meditations for Your Inner Monk” will be available as a PDF, which you can purchase and download online, as part of an eCourse. Participating in the eCourse is optional, but will allow you to share your insights and questions with others who are using Lent 2022 as a time to grow in monastic spirituality.
  • You will still be able to support the Joan Chittister Fund for Prisoners through online donations, ensuring that women and men incarcerated around the country have access to the beautiful and inspirational spiritual materials that mean so much to you. The Monastic Way, along with journals, books, and the annual Lenten devotional, are sparks of light and hope for the prisoners who receive them. Sister Joan and all of us at Benetvision are grateful for your generosity, which makes it possible to continue to offer this service.

This transition is just the latest way that Benetvision has adapted to make it as easy as possible for you to get your copies of Sister Joan’s teachings.

We have been offering Sister Joan’s publications in various formats for more than 25 years. Remember cassette tapes?! Mail order catalogues?! Our very small staff has navigated many changes through those years and we’re still moving forward to meet today’s needs.

We’re grateful to have supporters and friends like you, and we know that Sister Joan’s readers are with her all the way.