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What We Have To Be Is What We Are: Merton’s Unfinished Agenda

by Joan Chittister, OSB

Seeds of a New Humanity

Seeds of a New Humanity
By Joan Chittister

The mystic Julian of Norwich, holding an acorn in her hand in the fourteenth century said of it, “In this is all that is.” The Earth shakes at the thought of the simple truth of it.

In every seed lie the components of all life the world has known from all time to now.

In every seed is the reckless, electric, confounding power of creation made new again.

An Insanity of Rationality

There is a madness abroad in the land, hiding behind the Constitution, brazenly ignoring the suffering of many who, over the years, have died in its defense, and operating under the banner of rationality. It’s a rare form of spiritual disease that thrives on violence and calls it good. Click here.

Embracing life’s second act: getting older with grace

“Aging well is the real goal of life,” explains Joan Chittister in this far-reaching interview with the editors of U.S. Catholic Magazine. Click here.

The God Who Beckons

What happens when classical spirituality meets modern science? Which of them is “right”? Are the two reconcilable? Or are they doomed to be eternal opposites? Click here.

Faith and Justice: 14 Questions for Joan Chittister

“What’s your biggest social justice concern at this moment?” is on of 14 questions that Joan Chittister was asked by Jesuit Sean Salai in and interview for America Magazine. Click here.

Hildegard of Bingen: 12th Century Feminist

Why did it take over 800 years for the church to canonize and then name Hildegard of Bingen a Doctor of the Church? Joan Chittister explores questions like this and comments on Hildegard of Bingen’s legacy in an interview with Alicia Von Stamwitz in St. Anthony MessengerClick herer for PDF.