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American Flag shot from below.

From Where I Stand  January 21, 2021  NCR

The U.S. Capitol is seen in Washington Oct. 5, 2020.

From Where I Stand   December 31, 2020  NCR

Grieving family members hold a mock funeral in the Brooklyn borough of New York City Oct. 18 to protest Gov. Andrew Cuomo's coronavirus restrictions that they say led to the deaths of their loved ones in nursing homes.

From Where I Stand  12/10/2020  NCR

President Donald Trump is seen at the end of his campaign rally at Eppley Airfield Oct. 27 in Omaha, Nebraska.

From Where I Stand  11/19/2020  NCR

Why is it that some things we never forget and other things we never remember? I work with those ideas a lot.

U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., Jan. 8, 2019

From Where I Stand 11/3/2020  NCR

(Unsplash/Adrian Swancar)

From Where I Stand  October 8, 2020 NCR

(Unsplash/Jehyun Sung)

From Where I Stand  7/30/2020  NCR

An advocate for racial equality is livestreamed in Phoenix during the "Peaceful, Prayerful Protest" June 13. The Spanish banner in the cellphone reads "Black Lives Matter."

From Where I Stand 06/19/2020 NCR

Back in the quiet of their homes, the world is awash in questions.

(Unsplash/Tim Mossholder)

From Where I Stand 05/20/2020 NCR

President Donald Trump speaks during the daily coronavirus disease outbreak task force briefing at the White House in Washington April 21.

From Where I Stand 05/6/2020 NCR 

A woman wearing a protective mask due to the coronavirus pandemic prays inside the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Palm Sunday, April 5 in Turin, Italy.

From Where I Stand, 04/08/2020, NCR 

"Rules are not necessarily sacred," Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, "principles are."

Newspaper that says "truth"

From Where I Stand  January 15, 2020 NCR