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Weekly Word

Holy Week, the seven days before the feast of Easter, is charged with meaning. It is a microcosm of Jesus’ public life in bas-relief.

Human development is a slow process that happens in stages of more or less regularity.

Hope and despair are not opposites.

Here is a story about Benedict and change.Image removed.

Changing the way we go about life is not all that difficult. We all do it all the time.

Lent, the liturgical year shows us, is about the holiness that suffering can bring.

The spiritual life does not come cheap.

It is so easy to make God to our own image and likeness.

Ananda, the beloved disciple of the Buddha, once asked his teacher about the place of40 Stories to Stir the Soul by Joan Chittister

Somewhere in life, we find ourselves facing walls that will not move.

Contemplation is not the practice of saying prayers.

Sin, brokenness, as the Church has always said, can be a “happy fault,” an invitation to a new beginning.

Marian hymns, the four major seasonal anthems to Mary of Nazareth—Mother of Jesus, Mother of the Church—end the Divine Office at Vespers every day of the year.