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Speaking Tour Highlights

As part of her speaking tour of Australia, Joan Chittister was interviewed by Doctor Meredith Lake, on the subject of renewing community in a lonely world. The conversation was aired on the radio program Soul Search, hosted by the Australian Broadcasting Company. Click here to listen to the full program, which touches on Sister Joans childhood, experiences in the monastery, and teachings on community building.

Sister Joan also offered a presentation on the kind of prophetic witness needed today at Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College in North Sydney. Over 850 people attended, and the event organizer noted that, Feedback we have received has been only positive, including words such as 'life-changing'. We congratulate Joan on her clear and inspiring call to action and thank her sincerely for her contribution.” Click here to watch her speech. 

Saint Ignatius Parish in Brisbane, Australia, also hosted Sister Joan, who spoke at The Women's Night of Spirituality, an event the parish has hosted for seventeen years. The talk was co-sponsored by Stuartholme School, WATAC (Women and the Australian Church), Australian Women Preach, and Garratt Publishing. Click here to listen to a recording of her speech, on the call of the Second Vatican Council.