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One thing I know: The words I will write here are either both too late — or will be forever alive.

The airways have been heavy with wisdom these days: Unfortunately, too late.

In Imam Jamal Rahman's Sacred Laughter of the Sufis, he tells a story that may have as much to teach us today as i

Vatican II

The word synodality has been around a year or so now and people are still asking what it really means — for them, of course.

From Where I Stand

From Where I Stand    NCRonline    2/15/2023

I'm sure I recognize the place. The question is what happened to it? 

Migrant holding sign

From Where I Stand. January 19, 2023


Arizona political rally

Here's what's worrying me: When I wrote the "Prayer for Leadership" years ago, I was clearly quite immune to the idea that we might already be ru

Missionary of Charity prepares meal at soup kitchen

From Where I Stand                   NCR Online                 09/15/22

NCR online 8/18/2022

From Where I Stand        NCR online         8/18/2022

Moral March on Washington, Jun 18, 2022

From Where I Stand           NCRonline              07/21/2022

Superiors of women's religious orders meet for the plenary assembly of the International Union of Superior Generals in Rome May 3. More than 500 superiors were in attendance, with more than 100 participating online.

From Where I Stand           NCRonline              06/02/2022

NCR 4/28/2022

       FROM WHERE I STAND        NCR        April 28, 2022

From Where I Stand by Joan Chittister

FROM WHERE I STAND       NCRonline       March 31, 2022

NCR article by Joan Chittister

From Where I Stand        NCR              3/10/2022