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What makes a saint?  Why do we need them? For Joan Chittister, saints are “people like ourselves, reachable figures, who have lived well enough through situations similar to our own as proof that we, too, in all of our smallness, can stretch ourselves to the limits of the best in us.”

In A Passion for Life, Joan Chittister presents some of these  men and women for us—icons from a variety of religious tradition, some of whom achieved sainthood from the church, others through proclamation of the people. She reveals their special gifts, encourages us to identify with them, and to follow their example. Robert Lentz’s many stunning icons provide a third dimension for the reader, to feast the eye as well as the soul.

What others are saying

  • "Offers the sort of soul-nourishing meditation found only in the encounter with beauty." -U.S. Catholic


  • 1997 Catholic Press Association. First Place, Book Award