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Contemporary political venues have put religious belief at the forefront of our thinking. Yet, we live in a world where religion has become a tool people can use to their advantage rather than a means of growing closer to God. In this revised edition of In Search of Belief, Sister Joan Chittister challenges readers to reflect upon whether they truly live what they say they believe or whether they have created their own images of God to suit whatever is convenient for their personal and/or social situations.

With a new foreword by Tom Roberts (National Catholic Reporter) and a new Introduction by the author.

What others are saying

  • "Chittister's meditations on the mysteries that her belief affirms in the Creed are rich...." -America Magazine
  • "A refreshing and contemporary analysis of the true meaning of the Creed...Not for the spiritually faint-hearted.” -Edwina Gately
  • "What makes the book so refreshing is that the Creed is made relevant to the modern age. There is absolutely no chance of anyone being bored!" -Trefoil, Southern African Catholic Quarterly
  • "This book is dangerous. Once you have read it, you can never again mumble the Creed complacently, without thought. –Robert Keeler, Pulitzer winning religion writer, Newsday