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In this beautiful book best-selling author Joan Chittister and celebrated artist John August Swanson together reclaim the ancient story of Ruth as a model for contemporary women seeking a fully spiritual life. In concert with Swanson's rich and evocative art, Chittister's graceful prose explores, through this powerful biblical story, a series of twelve defining moments in every woman's life ― moments of loss, change, transformation, aging, independence, respect, recognition, insight, empowerment, self-definition, invisibility, and fulfillment. A lovely blend of art and text, The Story of Ruth offers inspiration for women seeking wholeness and presents compelling devotional images for eyes and mind alike.

What others are saying

  • "Writing a book that blends spirituality, inspiration and feminism is no easy feat, but Joan D. Chittister has accomplished it with rare sensitivity..."—Parade Magazine
  • "The best book on Ruth thus far may be Joan Chittister's creative, gorgeously illustrated exploration of the famous Moabitess as archetype for all women." –Publishers Weekly
  • "Occasionally one finds a book so powerful and beautiful that it needs to be purchased and shared with many people! The Story of Ruth is such a book."—Lutheran Women Today
  • “With characteristic wit and spitfire, Joan Chittister tells the story of Ruth for anyone challenged by loss, change, aging, or invisibility.” –Barbara Brown Taylor