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President Donald Trump is seen at the end of his campaign rally at Eppley Airfield Oct. 27 in Omaha, Nebraska.

From Where I Stand  11/19/2020  NCR

Why is it that some things we never forget and other things we never remember? I work with those ideas a lot.

U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., Jan. 8, 2019

From Where I Stand 11/3/2020  NCR

(Unsplash/Adrian Swancar)

From Where I Stand  October 8, 2020 NCR

(Unsplash/Jehyun Sung)

From Where I Stand  7/30/2020  NCR

An advocate for racial equality is livestreamed in Phoenix during the "Peaceful, Prayerful Protest" June 13. The Spanish banner in the cellphone reads "Black Lives Matter."

From Where I Stand 06/19/2020 NCR

Back in the quiet of their homes, the world is awash in questions.

(Unsplash/Tim Mossholder)

From Where I Stand 05/20/2020 NCR

President Donald Trump speaks during the daily coronavirus disease outbreak task force briefing at the White House in Washington April 21.

From Where I Stand 05/6/2020 NCR 

A woman wearing a protective mask due to the coronavirus pandemic prays inside the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Palm Sunday, April 5 in Turin, Italy.

From Where I Stand, 04/08/2020, NCR 

"Rules are not necessarily sacred," Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, "principles are."

Newspaper that says "truth"

From Where I Stand  January 15, 2020 NCR

Neon sign saying "Stand up"

From Where I Stand  January 1, 2021 NCR

St. Benedict's 12th step is the challenge to become humility itself

From Where I Stand  July 3, 2019 NCR. This is the 12th article on humility.

Men argue outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington in this April 28, 2015, file photo.

From Where I Stand  June 8, 2019 NCR. This is the eleventh article in Sister Joan's NCR series on humility.