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Reflection Prompt

Feasting is a divine imperative. It says, “Thou shalt not ignore the joys of life.” —Joan Chittister

Every day that we manage to survive alone brings new confidence in its wake. —Joan Chittister

Hope is the ability to believe that good can happen out of anything. —Joan Chittister

Like an old tree, the scars we bear in life are the measure of our growth. —Joan Chittister

Gratitude is the first stepping stone to God. —Joan Chittister

What we dream of doing is already in process in us. —Joan Chittister

Humility is the ability to know ourselves as God knows us. —Joan Chittister

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The first spring flower you see, say to yourself over and over again: hope rages, hope rages, hope rages in this world. —Joan Chittister

Celebration requires us to wake up to the present—and bless it.—Joan Chittister

We must do whatever justice must be done in our time if we claim to be serious about sinking into the heart of God. —Joan Chittister

The need for beauty in the lives of the poor is as real as their need for bread. —Joan Chittister

To extend mercy to others is to learn something about the nature of God. —Joan Chittister

The function of silence in the life of the privileged is to be able to hear the voices of the oppressed and to change things. —Joan Chittister

A real relationship deepens with time until words are not necessary and silence is no burden. —Joan Chittister

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We have made war on nature and wonder why there is so little peace in ourselves. —Joan Chittister