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Weekly Word

It is necessary for all of us, at all times, to understand that female and feminist are not the same things.

Once upon a time, an ancient story tells, the main tributary of a mountain stream became polluted.

Give us, O God,

leaders whose hearts are large enough

to match the breadth of our own souls

and give us souls strong enough

Unfortunately, the vision of Jesus the Prophet has become quite domesticated over the centuries.

In a Monastery of the Heart, the Benedictine soul learns always to return to the cave of the heart, where the superfluities of life do not distract from the significance of life.

One day, a traveler begged the Teacher for a word of wisdom that would guide the rest of the journey.

“Old age,” in Louis Kronenberger’s view, “is an excellent time for outrage. My goal,” he went on, “is to say or do at least one outrageous thing a week.

The spiritual life is not something that is gotten for the wishing or assumed by affectation. The spiritual life takes discipline. It is something to be learned, to be internalized.

Psalm 16 sings, “You will not allow the one you love to see the pit; you will reveal the path of life to me, give me unbounded joy in your presence.” Those whom God loves, the psalm promises, will

Once upon a time, the ancients tell us, a disciple said to the rabbi, “God took six days to create the world and it is not perfect.

If there were ever going to be a patron saint of listeners, surely it should be Mary's cousin Elizabeth, the wisdom figure to whom she went when she realized that she was pregnant with Jesus.

July 22 is the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, “the apostle to the apostles.”

It’s July when the summer begins to wear even the most dedicated of sun lovers down. Life begins to feel sticky; nights get close; days get long and dry.

Of all the stories told about Benedict, this one may be the most impacting of all on our own lives. Most of us will never work miracles or found monasteries or humble invaders, that’s for sure.

What does the prophetic tradition, the prophetic dimension of the spiritual life, have to do with us?