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Weekly Word

Feast of St. Hildegard is September 17th

One of the most demanding, but often overlooked, dimensions of the creation story is that when creation was finished, it wasn’t really Illuminated Life by Joan Chittister

Belief is not contrary to fact. It simply transcends it.

"When you get what you like in life,” one of our old nuns was fond ofMay Monastic Way by Joan Chittister

I carry within me quotations from Scripture, great literature,The Monastic Way by Joan Chittister

The problem of the nature of faith plagues us all our lives. Is openness to other ideas infidelity, or is it the beginning of spiritual maturity?

In most monasteries, as in most marriages, we celebrate our silver and golden anniversaries of final Welcome to the Wisdom of the World by Joan Chittister

We can’t cage life. We cannot freeze the present happy day under glass.

It is Mary Magdalene, the evangelist John details, to whom JesusA Passion for Life by Joan Chittister

“The Kingdom of heaven is within you,” Jesus taught.

“God is the creator of all the earth, caring for all the nations.”  --Ps. 47

Once upon a time, an old Hasidic tale teaches us, the local Jewish congregation was verySongs of the Heart: Reflections on the Psalms by Joan Chittister

It doesn’t take a lot of living to realize that life is more than simply a series of highs and lows.

Re-creation, holy leisure, is the mainstay of the contemplative soul, and the theology of Sabbath is its cornerstone.

Religion is meant to be a light, sign, watermark, path. Religion becomes a map to a place that no one has ever been. But the going on is up to me. And the way I go on is my spirituality.