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Two interviews that Joan Chittister taped on her book, The Monastic Heart, are available. 

An excerpt from Joan Chittister’s book, In Search of Belief, was featured in a Richard Rohr’s newsletter.

Joan Chittister reflects on the Beatitudes in a NCR online column titled, “Happy are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness—for they shall boil over.” 

 Joan Chittister was guest lecturer for the Courage & Faith speaker series sponsored by Christ Church in Greenwich, CT.

Sister Joan was a guest speaker for an online course on Hildegard of Bingen taught by Matthew Fox. Following her presentation, he sent this note:

Sister Joan was interviewed for a podcast on her book, The Monastic Heart, by Banyen Books and Sound, Canada’s largest spirituality book store.

If you can, will you please add a prisoner to your Christmas gift list and send a donation to the Joan Chittister Fund for Prisoners? 

In a NCR online column, Sister Joan expounds on the third “Beatitude, Blessed are they who mourn”…and lists a multitude of realities that need to be mourned and then acted upon if we are t

The most popular and most reprinted publication produced by Benetvision over the past 30 years is A Month of Memories: Words

Joan Chittister returned to the radio show “State of Belief” and joined Rev.

If you are in the New England area, Sister Joan will be speaking in person on Saturday, Nov. 20, at 7 p.m. in Christ Church, Greenwich, CT on the call to uncommon courage.

Joan Chittister’s online NCR column—the third in her series on the Beatitudes—is titled, “The choice between happiness and reward: Blessed are the poor in spirit”.

Join Sister Joan Chittister in