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Paul Samuel Dolman, host of “What Matters Most,” interviews Joan Chittister on her new book, 

Sister Joan will deliver the Annual Social Justice Lecture for the 30th anniversary of the Doerr Center for Social Justice, Saint Louis University on Tuesday, Nov. 2 at 6 p.m.

Since her book, The Monastic Heart, was published in late September, Sister Joan has recorded a dozen interviews. As they become available, we will alert you.

To order the new book, The Monastic Heart, click here.


What does the Benedictine motto Pax mean for members of a monastery? Does it only concern inner peace or is there a responsibility to bring peace to a world torn with violence?

Join Sister Joan as she guides participants through her new book in an eCourse, “A Journey through The Monastic Heart” hosted by Spirituality & Practice from Oct. 25 to Nov. 19.

Two live interviews are scheduled this week with Sister Joan on her new book. Many others are being taped and we will let you know when they are broadcast.

from the writings of Joan Chittister: 38 Personal Stories to Transform a Life

Yes, you read that right. Joan Chittister’s online monthly spiritual publication, The Monastic Wayis now free.

“To be a contemplative it is necessary to walk through nature softly,” Joan Chittister writes.  Perhaps we’ve never needed that reminder more.

In the introduction to a new 8-part series for her NCR online column, Joan Chittister explains why she chose to focus on the Beatitudes:

An essay by Joan Chittister is included in a new book launched virtually last week in Australia, 

An article on peacemaking, “My Enemy Is Now My Friend” by Joan Chittister, was featured in this month’s edition of Kolbe News, a print and E-magazine and website, Calgary, Canada.

A publishing group in the United Kingdom just bought the rights to Joan Chittister’s soon-to-be-released book,