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Refreshing, practical, and deeply respectful of the tradition that has made Sister Joan Chittister the genuine contemplative and warrior prophet that our times have called for—and that she has resp

Joan Chittister’s presentation at Chautauqua Institution—“To Exist, A Society Based on Money Needs a Population Based on Heart”—was preceded and followed by an exuberant standing ovation and interr

“A wise and helpful book” is how Booklist, a publication of the American Library Association, ended its advanced review of 

If you currently subscribe to Sister Joan’s monthly online spiritual publication, The Monastic Way, you can participate in a Zoom discussion with Benetvision staff members on Tuesday, Augu

Joan Chittister will deliver the opening Interfaith Lecture for Week 7 — The State of the Economy: Where Do We Go from Here? — at Chautauqua Institution on Monday, August 9, at 1 p.m.

In her most recent "From Where I Stand" column in NCR, Sister Joan answers this question with those in mind who say they have the "right" not to wear a mask and not to receive the Covid-19

The pandemic made it difficult to get materials from the Joan Chittis

An online columnist for the Nisqually Valley News (Washington) referred to 

Twenty-five years after she wrote, The Fire in These Ashes, a book on the spirituality of contemporary religious life, Joan Chittister was interviewed recently about her current thoughts o

In honor of the Feast of Saint Benedict on July 11, four books on monasticism are on sale—three by Joan Chittister and one by Mary Lou Kownacki.

Sister Joan’s most recent online column in the NCR explores the question of whether the Benedictine way of life is an escape from the world or an experience of essence.

The Chautauqua Institution, which was closed last year due to COVID, is set to reopen this summer with its usual strong array of entertainers, artists, authors, and n

Benetvision staff member Anne McCarthy will lead an online zoom session on "Jesus, Women and Nonviolence" on Saturday,July 24 for The Beatitudes Center for the Nonviolent Jesus founded by John Dear