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At St. James Episcopal Church in New York City, Joan Chittister presented on the call to prophetic spirituality. This event was part of the historic Manhattan church’s Stillman Lecture Series.

Joan Chittister's column in the National Catholic Reporter deals with the leadership we need today as a nation during a time of great division and polarization.

Oblates and Sisters listen to Sister Joan

Joan Chittister discussed the roots of synodality and the synodal process’s implications for the future of the Church with the Sisters and Oblates of Mount Saint Benedict Monastery, in Erie, PA, at

An article which appeared in Herald Malaysia cited Joan Chittister’s speaking tour of Australia—and the crowds of hundreds that came to hear her—as an example of a “parallel Church” that t

A new compendium of homilies given through the Catholic Women Preach project is now available, featuring Joan Chittister’s homily on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, along with the writings of

Joan Chittister was the featured speaker at an online event hosted by Mount Saint Mary House of Prayer in Watchung, NJ.

In the National Catholic Reporter, one of Joan Chittister’s columns discussed "the kind of leadership we need now if this new world is to bear the strain of our divided political

Joan Chittister spoke at the launch event celebrating a new political action committee called, Women: The Future.

An article in Catholic Outlook, the newspaper of the Diocese of Parramatta, Australia, described the impact of Joan Chittister’s speaking tour in the country.

Pax Christi USA named Joan Chittister a Teacher of Peace in 1990.

Christ Church Cranbrook, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, hosted over 300 people to hear Joan Chittister speak on “The Time is Now: A Call to Uncommon Courage.” Dr.

The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, in Boise, Idaho, opened a new education center this year.

"Dearest Robert, Thank you so much for the biography of Joan Chittister, which has just arrived," art historian and hermit Sister Wendy Beckett wrote in a letter to Robert Ellsberg, the editor-in-c

"Now is not the time to ignore religious life or to speak of it as something from another age.